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As you put as many texts as you can on your page, you will need new elements of formatting your page as you want and need. In attribute's tutorial we have talked about ways of adding style to your wanted elements. These formatting tags can make elements bold italic underlined cut and not only

html<p>Example of <b>Bold Text</b></p>
<p>Example of <em>Emphasized Text</em></p>
<p>Example of <strong>Strong Text</strong></p>
<p>Example of <i>Italic Text</i></p>
<p>Example of <sup>super-scripted Text</sup></p>
<p>Example of <sub>sub scripted Text</sub></p>
<p>Example of <del>struck-through Text</del></p>
<p>Example of <code>Computer Code Text</code></p>


Example of Bold Text

Example of Emphasized Text

Example of Strong Text

Example of Italic Text

Example of super-scripted Text

Example of sub scripted Text

Example of struck-through Text

Example of Computer Code Text

HTML - How to use the formatting tags

These tags should be used with moderation. What I am trying to say is that is indicated to use them for bolding or tilt a word or paragraph. When you want to use them for example in a whole paragraph, the best is to use CSS. Anyway, this is just advice, after all the decision is yours and you can use them in correlation with how your experience indicates you.