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Beside a solid color for the background, you might as well use an image. To do this thing follow the example carefully:

html<table height="100" width="150" background="/img/image.jpg" >
		<td>This table has a background image</td>

HTML - Repeated background (tile)

We were lucky in the first example that both the table and the image had the same size. But there are situations where the table is larger than the image, and then the image will multiply itself endlessly.

HTML - Patterned Backgrounds

Repeating an image has got another application as you will see. This browser's function of repeating the image endlessly can be used as an advantage and that is, we can create a very small image (with the help of Photoshop or any other photo editing software), for example, 4x4 pixels. This image can be a certain model that will repeat endlessly and will create a continued shape.

HTML - Transparent background color

Another method of using the repeated image is the transparent background. To prove this we will use a '.gif' image. Placing this image in the background has to be done in the same manner as in the previous example.