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In case you are not familiar with HTML please take your time and read about it in before starting this tutorial.

What will you learn in this CSS Tutorial:

  • how to correctly write CSS code
  • where and how you will have to place the CSS code
  • create a simple layout or a menu using simple CSS
  • customize form fields and form itself using CSS rules

Having said this I invite you to read this CSS tutorial

Intro - Why we use CSS

With the help of CSS we can create simple or complex websites, you can build that fancy design that you always like. CSS can build layouts, give color, place backgrounds, set the size of elements, and a lot more awesome stuff. On the other hand CSS can make code simpler and easier to maintain

Intro - What is CSS. General concepts

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it is mainly used to customize HTML elements. In

When HTML 3.2 was introduced, there were also added new attributes for customizing tags, like font, color, background, etc. At this point, HTML becomes really hard to write and maintain. You would have to edit every page and or element on site.

Version of HTML introduced external tags styling by adding a new file with a ".css" extension. Problem solved. This way you would only have to modify one file and all the tags on your website would be automatically updated. You could change text color, font size, customize a div form or any other element, and all in one file.i

Next we will learn how to load and use CSS with practical examples. CSS opens a road of huge potential and easy maintainability of code. Not using it would be a big mistake