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HTML 5 is not a new programming or markup language but a new version of the good old 4.1 HTML language that is currently used.

What is new about HTML 5

With the HTML 5 entrance were added some new tags and functionalities like the media tags. We can remind here, easier manipulation for audio files, video files, graphics, interactive documents etc.

Some other cool HTML 5 tags are: <header>, <nav> <figure> si <footer>. Every one of these tags is a markup is a container for a specific part of the page.

Here is a list of the main tags introduced in HTML 5

<article>marks an article
<aside>marks a content that is separate from the content of the page but related to it.
<audio>marks the introduction of audio content
<canvas>marks the introduction of graphical content
<command>marks a command button
<datalist>marks a drop-down menu
<details>marks the details of an element
<dialogue>marks a dialogue, a conversation
<embed>marks external interactive content or insertion of a plugin
<figure>marks a group of elements that relate to each other and can be considered in the page, self contained content.
<footer>marks the footer of pages
<header>marks the page header section
<hgroup>Marks a section of pages
<keygen>marks an automatically generated code in a form
<mark>marks highlighted text
<meter>marks the value of a known measurement unit
<NAV>marks a link navigation bar
<output>marks different types of script results.
<progress>marks a graphical or numeric progress bar
<rp>defines content that will be displayed if the browser does not suppress the ruby tag
<rt>defines a rule or an explanation for the ruby tag
<ruby>used with Asian characters
<section>marks any section (header, footer, navigation bar, chapters, or any other section)
<Source>marks the source of the multimedia file
<time>marks the time / date
<video>marks the introduction of a video

On the othar hand there are some HTML tags that are now deprecated in HTML 5:

  • acronim
  • applet
  • basefont
  • big
  • center
  • dir
  • font
  • frame
  • frameset
  • noframes
  • s
  • strake
  • tt
  • u
  • xmp

Although almost all tags above are content wrappers, there are some like audio, video, canvas and others that are new and very interesting concepts. We will build some tutorials about them shortly