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In HTML, "entity" is a fancy name for "symbol". Some symbols as copyright, trademark, and many others, some of them are available on your keyboard, but others need special writing.

  • Start with the ampersand sign -&
  • After that we will write the name of the sign - copy
  • At the end a semicolon - ;

Use © to make - © - Copyright Symbol

Multiple spaces and "<less than", "greater than">

As I said in the lesson about paragraphs, a browser will recognize a single space, doesn't matter how many you put in an HTML code. But there is an entity that can be introduced to show more than one space.

html<p>In this phrase there had been introduced &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; more spaces.<p>

To make commands in HTML you use the "less than" and "greater than" symbols. For being showed in the browser you should use an entity.

	Less then- &lt; <br/> 
	More then- &gt; <br />
	Head tag - &lt;head&gt; 

Now take a break and practice a bit with these symbols. A bigger list of these you find it HERE. As you will observe in this table, it can be used as well as a numerical value replacing the standard name of the symbol.